The best Conservative Party ads of general election 2019

During general election 2019 all the day-to-day coverage of the best political ads has taken place on the instagram feed. But for the sake of posterity and online search, here’s all the best Conservative ads from the campaign in one place.

Party election broadcasts & video ads

Broadcast 1: Vogue-style featuring Boris Johnson answering 12 questions whilst walking around CCHQ
Love Actually parody
This is the video that ran in the Conservatives YouTube homepage takeover ‘masthead’ ad buy
This is the video of Boris Johnson riding a digger through a brick wall with ‘gridlock’ painted on it
This is the version the Conservatives uploaded after having received criticism for their initial film which changed the order of footage in order to make Starmer look confused at Morgan’s final question
A Facebook advert that ran with a lot of paid media behind it

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