Pro-European groups demand a People’s Vote

A new campaign for a “People’s Vote” launches tomorrow, 15th April, following a nationwide day of action that took place today.

Various pro-European groups, including Open Britain – the organisation that emerged from the former official Remain campaign – have come together to call for a public ballot on the final Brexit deal.

Their approach is to ask people to park their opinions on the rights and wrongs of voting to leave the EU and concede that the nature of the Brexit deal is so significant and long lasting that another referendum is required on the terms.

Encouraging the notion that “no one could have foreseen the terms of the final deal and therefore another vote is justified” is smart, as it gives people who voted Brexit – but who are having second thoughts – a dignified way to distance themselves from the hard Brexit that the government (sometimes) seems to be pursuing.

The advert above, released today, does an excellent job of poking at the nagging doubts of those that voted to Leave but who don’t approve of the way the negotiations are being handled or the post-Brexit Britain that is being realised. Or both.

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