‘Together for Yes’ posters appeal to public’s desire for privacy

Together for Yes, the official pro-choice campaign in the upcoming referendum on abortion law in Ireland – which takes place on 25th May – have released a very persuasive new poster.

Abortion is an issue which encourages extremely strong emotional responses and the ethical and clinical arguments can be very complex.

Together for Yes have created a message which manages to get the viewer to take a step back and consider whether abortion is an issue where the state should have the final say.

The language in the headline is almost dispassionate.

It doesn’t deal with the moral rights and wrongs, or the scientific intricacies of when an embryo becomes human.

The poster doesn’t try to change your mind about whether you should or shouldn’t ever have an abortion.

The advert simply and quietly makes the case that deciding to have an abortion or not is a deeply private choice and – because of the very personal nature of it – the government shouldn’t be making it on behalf of its citizens.

The carefully chosen words cleverly play to humans’ instinctive desire for privacy, control and self-determination.

Polling seems to show that whilst there is currently a majority in favour of repealing the eighth amendment from the Irish constitution in May, the result is far from certain.

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