Social media, segmentation and political advertising

This week there have been three brilliant articles which give perspectives on political segmentation and running effective election campaigns using social media platforms.

Cambridge Analytica CEO talks to TechCrunch

Alexander Nix - politics elections social media segmentation targeting cambridge analytica

Alexander Nix, CEO of infamous advertising / technology firm Cambridge Analytics, gave a 50 minute interview to TechCrunch.  The full transcript is available as well as a short summary.

It’s a wide ranging discussion but the reader is left with many more clues as to the firm’s methodology and approach to communications.

Professor Mark Ritson on Facebook’s political segmentation

Facebook US 2016 political segmentation

Marketing professor Mark Ritson gives a brilliant ‘how to’ in political segmentation using Facebook’s US Presidential ‘16 work as a case study.  This guy really knows his onions. The first step to any political campaign is segmenting the electorate so if your business is winning elections this guide is worth bookmarking.

The Economist on how to game the attention economy

The Economist social media threat to democracy attention economy

The Economist have done a brilliant briefing on social media and politics.  It looks at the different ways in which social media is impacting politics but, more usefully for political practitioners, it gives a very savvy perspective on the sort of content that can thrive in the ‘attention economy’.

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