Momentum video refutes Tory attacks on student debt position

The Conservative Party and their allies in the press have been attacking Corbyn and the Labour Party for supposedly flip-flopping on student debt cancellation.

The Sun’s headline yesterday was “Jeremy Corbyn’s U-turn on tuition fees debt is jaw-dropping and only a ruse to persuade voters” whilst The Daily Express went for “Corbyn ridiculed for student debt U-turn after realising £100BN cost”.

Momentum, continuing their GE2017 approach of using highly shareable online video as an alternative to coverage in national newspapers,  have created an amusing and well argued film on the topic.

A thorough refutation of the Conservative argument – combined with a simple set, a deadpan style of dialogue and a well-timed edit – results in a very amusing, shareable and persuasive piece of video content.

The acting performances are particularly impressive.

These two need their own show (or at least redeployment for other Labour rebuttal videos).


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