Political logos and candidate branding

Today I appeared on BB2’s Daily Politics, presented by Jo Coburn, to discuss political logos with former Conservative Culture Secretary Maria Miller and  Labour’s former Shadow Business Secretary Angela Eagle.

You can watch the clip from 54mins 36 seconds on this link http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b080cmk5/daily-politics-17102016

I explained that getting your logo right isn’t going to win you the election, but it’s a useful thing to get right.

It’s a consciously developed identity that will exist across all the materials that are being designed to help your candidate win office.

It’s a useful visual short cut for the values and persona of the candidate that is comprised of colours, strap lines and design features.

When well-designed and implemented they create a consistent identity that helps build familiarity with an electorate which facilitates feelings of trust and loyalty.

A good logo is concise, differentiating from the competition and authentic to the candidate.

Prior to appearing on the show, I was asked to design a logo for prospective leadership bids for both Angela Eagle and Maria Miller.  Both efforts are below.  It’s fair to say that both went down pretty badly!

Politicians are famously tricky clients, so this shouldn’t really have come as surprise…

The soaring eagle is designed to convey strength, leadership and optimism.  The inclusion of the Labour Party rose logo in the beak of the bird was used to imply that she was a unity candidate.
Maria Miller’s strap line uses a take on the classic challenger candidate positioning of ‘time for a change’.

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