The Gamblers

Gamble with your future - remain poster boris gove farage

The Stronger In campaign have released a brilliant new poster accusing the leaders of the Leave campaign of gambling with the future of the country.

The poster dramatises two undeniable truths:

  1. The politicians acting as the public face of Brexit are perceived as mavericks, even by those that support them.
  2. Voting to Leave represents a step into the political unknown relative to voting Remain.

As with all great political posters, this poster brings to life an idea or issue which the public will likely have already thought, but it does it in a way that is surprising and visually arresting.

And, like other great negative ads throughout British political advertising history, there’s enough wit – found in the setting, the characterisation of the politicians and their facial expressions – to take some of the sting out of the attack and keep the public onside.

To the people who conceived it and those who bought it – well played.

The irony of Cameron’s camp accusing the leaders of the Leave campaign of being gamblers won’t be lost on Economist readers; my favourite cover from that publication in recent years was in the week after Cameron pledged an in / out referendum in early 2013.



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  1. Great post (interesting to see so few ideas are really ‘new’!). I think the gamble is not just economic -it’s also about how we all function as a union and what that means – you can read about it on – I hope you can pop by! Thanks again for the post!

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