Review – Brexit: The Movie

I’ve finally got around to watching Brexit: The Movie.  At one hour and eleven minutes long it is surely the longest ever piece of political advertising in the UK.

Nevertheless, the time flies by.

The argument is robustly made , the quality of the talking heads featured is high, the structure of the film is tight and there are good levels of production value throughout.

It successfully positions the EU as a sprawling, self-serving, unaccountable, wasteful bureaucracy that serves the political class and is suffering from long-term, self-inflicted economic decline.

The film powerfully brings into question why Britain would willingly give away law-making powers to an organisation that it can’t effectively hold to account.

Immigration as an issue, interestingly, doesn’t get a look in.

The film is all the more impressive when you consider that it was financed by crowd-funding.  Over 1,800 members of the public contributed to the total of £300,000 which was deployed by  writer / director Martin Durkin and the production company Wag TV.


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