World War II veterans speak out for Stronger In

This week the Stronger In ‘grid’ is clearly dedicated to convincing people that peace in Europe can be – at least partially – attributed to the European Union.

To coincide with David Cameron’s speech on the issue, the campaign has released a film featuring war veterans attesting to the importance of the EU in maintaining peace between nations.

The heart-warming nature of the video (plus some media spend, I would guess) has led to more than 250,000 views on Facebook; the reach of the video has also been significantly bolstered by TV broadcasters, including BBC news and Good Morning Britain, running stories on the content.

The political instability that would result from Brexit has the potential to be a very persuasive line of attack; it feels like a rich territory and I think Stronger In have only just scratched the surface of where they can take this creatively.

The fact that Putin is on the record as actively supporting Brexit brings him into play as a possible bogeyman; the graphic below went viral back in March which makes me think that an execution with a bit more edge could really cut through.

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