Women’s Equality Party: give half your votes to equality

The Women’s Equality Party (WEP) have released a series of videos to increase the chance of getting representation on the London Assembly after the election that takes place on 5th May.

The party have worked with Cheil Worldwide to develop the campaign and there’s a very clever piece of political strategy at its centre.

WEP have decided to forgo (what must have at first seemed like the more glamorous opportunity) promoting their Mayoral candidate Sophie Walker to instead ask the electorate to support them in the less sexy London Assembly elections.

I would have been impressed if the only strategic decision they had made was deciding to focus on the London Assembly, rather than the Mayor, as the chances of a WEP candidate even getting a second preference in the Zac vs Sadiq slugfest is unlikely.

But they didn’t stop there.

They then decided to only ask for one of the electorates’ two possible votes (Londoners get one for their local area and one for a ‘London wide’ representative).

WEP have acknowledged that they’re a new player in the London political scene and have gambled that if they ask for all someone’s votes, they might end up getting none.  But if they ask for just one of a possible three (Mayor + 2 x Assembly), they might just end up getting it.

As the saying goes: strategy is sacrifice.

But they didn’t even stop there.

They have then used this piece of behavioural science as a creative platform for their video content: women are half the population, it’s only right to give half of your vote to helping them achieve equality.


I bet you wish you’d thought of that.

The executions are very charming indeed, particularly given they were no doubt produced on a shoestring budget;  you can watch the playlist of films here.

My favourite one, above, features Sandi Toksvig – writer, actor, comedian, presenter, producer and founder of the Women’s Equality Party.

The one with pop star Lily Allen, below, is great fun too.

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