#VoteTogether: Bernie Sanders film

Vote Together Bernie Sanders website


In case you missed it: the Bernie Sanders campaign released a phenomenal video – Vote Together – in the build up to the New Hampshire Primary.

The video positions the campaign as not being about a 74 year-old United States Senator from Vermont trying to become President, but about normal people uniting together around their similarities rather than fighting over differences.

That’s some high order shit right there and it puts every other campaign ad I’ve seen so far to shame.

It’s beautifully art directed and uses stirring words from Sanders himself.

There’s also a very cool website with some posters available for activists and supporters to download.

Massive credit to Human, the agency behind the campaign.

UPDATE: I’ve since written a longer analysis of this spot for Campaign magazine – http://www.campaignlive.co.uk/article/deja-vu-bernie-sanders-campaign-draws-parallels-obama/1384178

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