Stronger In attack ad: there will be pain

Stronger In - attack ad there will be pain

The Stronger In campaign have released a new ad which attacks those campaigning to leave the EU for – what they perceive to be – a blasé attitude towards the messy aftermath of Brexit.

The colour-scheme for the spot is distinctly UKIP.  You can read more about why that is in my article for the New Statesman on political bogeymen.

The style of the video is very similar to rebuttal and attack ads that we’re used to seeing in US-politics.  Features of this style include:

  • Using your opponents’ own words against them
  • Relentless repetition of key messaging
  • Grainy ‘secret recording’ style footage to imply malice

It’s very well put together and from the number of view it has already garnered on YouTube I suspect that they’ve put some paid media support behind it.

This combination of tight strategy, sharp messaging, polished creative and sensible media investment is very impressive.  If I were backing ‘leave’ at this stage, I’d be getting a bit worried.


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