UKIP video on EU army: Nick Clegg’s “dangerous fantasy” becomes a reality

UKIP have released a new video and it watches like a trailer for a disaster movie.  In a good way, I think.

The premise of the video is that last year Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg said the idea of an EU Army was a “Dangerous Fantasy”.  However, this week Jean Claude Juncker – the current President of the European Commission – said that the EU needs an army.

The stars really aligned for UKIP on this one; it has all the ingredients for a perfect issue for them to campaign on.  The usual components for a plum issue are outlined in the venn diagram below.

Venn diagram of UKIP campaigning

But THIS issue has the added bonus of Nick Clegg being proven wrong, so it’s unsurprising they’ve really pushed the boat out.

A symptom of UKIP’s excitement is that it’s bit of a frenzied blur of a trailer.  But if the EU is something that rubs you up the wrong way already, this video will do a great job of getting you fired up.

I imagine grumpy 50+ year old men furiously posting this video on their Facebook page with comments like “WHAT DID WE TELL YOU??” and “FARAGE RIGHT, AGAIN!!”

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