Homes for Britain: Westminster station advertising

floorboards westminster homes for britain

Carpet homes for britain poster westminster

Bathroom floor homes for britain westminster poster

Homes for Britain are currently running a month-long ‘station domination’ of Westminster Station; some examples of the creative work are above.

Homes for Britain is a new campaign group backed by organisations across the housing sector including Crisis, the National Housing Federation and the Chartered Institute of Housing.  They aim to bring together all those who believe that everyone has a right to a decent affordable home to call their own.

Westminster station has loads of different spaces to advertise on and the Homes for Britain posters price up how much it would cost to buy a home the size of each format, highlighting the ridiculous prices that people are expected to pay.  Those featured above are the 6 sheet (read: like the ones on the side of bus stations) executions, but there’s all sorts covering the whole station.

The posters will stay on display in Westminster Tube station until April and aim to give politicians and policy-makers a daily reminder that the housing crisis is out of control and that the next government needs to do something about it.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I’m involved in this campaign and so will be hypersensitive (and likely overreact) to any commentary.

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