Labour Party Election Broadcast 2014: The Un-credible Shrinking Man

The Labour Party have released a new party election broadcast in advance of the European and Local elections taking place on 22nd May.

The video, shot in black and white and filmed in the style of a Harry Enfield Cholmondley Warner sketch, is set around the Cabinet table and shows Nick Clegg being verbally beaten into submission – and physically shrinking – by a domineering David Cameron.

It’s very professionally put together, but the strategy and creative execution seems like a big mistake to me.

I think the tone is very sneering and slightly mean-spirited.  Obviously they’re trying to attribute those values to the Tories, but I think it’s backfired.  It feels like the Labour Party are being disdainful, arrogant and condescending towards Clegg and the Lib Dems.

The preposterous portrayal of the Conservative Party as old-fashioned toffs just doesn’t ring true.  Whilst lots of people will disagree with Tory policies, I don’t think many people will find the characterisation of the Tory’s in this video fair, funny or appropriate.

Class warfare doesn’t tend to play very well with the British electorate.  It certainly didn’t during the Crewe and Nantwich by-election in 2008 and I don’t think the public will have suddenly taken to it since.

The attack is not insightful, clever or particularly funny.  I’m amazed it got signed off by the famously conservative Labour Party command.  I would have thought the bit in the script where it says “we see a naked / miniature Nick Clegg chased down the Cabinet table by a cat” would have set off some alarm bells in the leadership’s heads.

I genuinely wouldn’t be surprised if this gets pulled before long.


  1. “I don’t think many people will find the characterisation of the Tories in this video fair, funny or appropriate”

    Strange that, I find it all three of those things. Had to change ‘Tory’s’ to ‘Tories’ when copying and pasting that quote by the way. Tut tut.

  2. Its a great ad as it REMINDS people of NICK CLEGGS awful sumbmission to the torries. Clegg is politically finished and he knows it.. The conservatives don’t care about average people that is evident in their policies..the ad will do well on social media.. We live in the 21st centuary the times have moved on

  3. This sort of pathetic broadcast is just what I expected to see from the Labour party. Every time Miliband appears on TV he has a very schoolboy dig at the Conservatives.. He must have forgotten that Labour got this country into this mess in the first place. He has got to be the most childish politician I have ever seen. It’s about time he stepped down and let an adult take over. Get a grip, the broadcast is the most immature thing I have ever seen and I hope that the people it is supposed to portray take him to court for this character assassination attempt.!!!

  4. I’m a Labour member, and I don’t like this video – Can’t be doing with personal attacks of this nature – it’s not what politics is about for me. However I’ve a funny feeling that I may be in a minority. The characterisation of the Toffy Tories and the Shrinking Clegg is uncannily accurate – I feel it’s distasteful. Many won’t though. I’ll be voting Labour anyway though. So not sure what that really says.

  5. Nothing about Europe. Nothing about Labour policies. Possibly amusing as a Harry Enfield production, but as a party political broadcast it,s woeful!

  6. I think this advert will do well. It is not 2008 any more, and I think that since the recession the Tories have regained their reputation for looking out for the rich.

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