Space for Cycling

space for cycling

Today London saw its fourth cycle-related fatality in eight days.  Cycle safety in the capital is an issue that is gaining momentum and one of the organisations leading that charge is charity Space For Cycling.

The above image of a memorial that Space For Cycling created this afternoon on the roundabout in east London where the latest causality was taken was tweeted by the charity moments ago.

The issue is causing anger and frustration as Boris Johnson, London’s Mayor, was elected in both 2008 and 2012 on a promise of improving cycle routes and safety and there is very little change since he took office.

In the 5 years since Boris Johnson was elected only 5 cycle ‘superhighways’ (read: proper bike lanes) have been created.   The Mayor’s policy is to get to the point where “levels of investment are approaching those of other leading European cycling cities”.

Critics point out that given that London is Europe’s largest city by population and the number of cyclists on its streets have increased by 173 per cent since 2001, aiming to one day match funding of much smaller cities seems slightly lamentable.

The charity has stated that:

“We urgently need the government to start taking cycling as a means of transport seriously and to reallocate space so that it can be done without the conflict.”


  1. You are incorrect to state that the Cycle Superhighways are ‘proper bike lanes’ — they are far from it.

    They are a bit of blue paint which even Coroner Mary Hassell, who investigated two deaths on the CS lanes, pointed out evidence given said “a blue strip without a white line border (whether unbroken or broken) is not a cycle lane.”

    The mayor is obligated to reply to the coroner’s report by mid-December.

    ‘Proper bike lanes’ are actually what they have in The Netherlands: segregated infrastructure.

    Together, we must insist that Transport for London, and indeed the Department for Transport, create space for cycling.

  2. The CS lanes are seductive, but they may actually be making safety worse for people who choose to cycle because of the false sense of security and priority they promote (neither exist with them). After yet another death just this morning of a person riding on a superhighway, pressure is mounting on the Mayor to create proper (segregated) space for cycling.

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