This is what the Tea Party looks like

This FreedomWorks – a Tea Party organisation – video is absolutely hilarious and deserves way more views than the 755 that it has currently accrued.

Highlights include:

– The 25 second long, silent, intro sequence of their logo

– The cameraman audibly whispering “Go” after he’s started filming

– The way the douchey hosts eyes flick suddenly towards the camera after said “go” whisper

– The partially drunk PINT OF BEER that interviewer has left on his desk

– The fact that they’re interviewing former choke-slam wielding WWE superstar KANE (real name Glenn) on economics.

– The weird snake illustration emblazoned on the yellow table cloth

As @MaxDickins pointed out on twitter, the only thing missing from this film is the Undertaker turning up and tombstone pile-driving Glenn through the table.


  1. Sorry but FreedomWorks is NOT a ‘teaparty’!

    Anyone who thinks the tea party had anything to do with this fake Obama shutdown is lacking in intelligence. The tea party if you will recall, was started in 2007 against the GOP and has and wants nothing to do with the GOP or any other party. The tea party is NOT a political party, does not have candidates or representatives in DC, and had NO power to shut anything down. t also collects NO money from anyone.

    The only person who had that power was Obama. The proof?

    “The shutdown was deliberately orchestrated by the White House, according to the former foreign editor of Newsweek and editor-in-chief of the New York Times Magazine. On the eve of the shutdown, Sept. 30, the administration already had barricades and cones in place. Republicans walked into a trap set up by Valerie Jarrett, and Obama’.” The signs use were pre-printed long before the vote was taken.


  2. To claim that FreedomWorks has nothing to do with the tea party movement is a joke. To propose that Obama initiated the debt ceiling crisis is delusional. You do yourself a disservice to argue otherwise.


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