Conservative Party Eastleigh By-election

Conservative party eastleigh by election leaflet looking both ways


This is a leaflet being used by The Conservative Party to attack Lib Dem candidate Mike Thornton in The Battle of Eastleigh by-election that is currently in full swing.

The clip art ‘stop press’ star burst is so hilariously shit that it made this door drop worth sharing.

If you want people to read your election communications, perhaps try writing something eye catching, arresting or amusing in the headline.  You could include an impactful visual.  Or, have some nice, clean art direction which allows your well crafted copy to breath.

Sticking a ‘stop press’ star burst on a your leaflet won’t magically make the electorate want to read what looks like a terminally dull leaflet.

Communications like this (along with the ever-present ‘campaign leaflet dressed up as local newspaper’ trick) really do contribute to the public perception that politicians think the electorate are a bunch of easy-to-manipulate mugs.

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