Sarah Silverman’s Indecent Proposal

Sarah Silverman has an offer for Mitt Romney’s most generous supporter, Sheldon Adelson.

Silverman proposes that if Sheldon donates the $100 million that he intends to give to Romney’s campaign to Obama instead, she will ‘scissor’ the wealthy casino magnate whilst she wears a bikini.

In a video that is now no doubt the front-runner for “ad most likely to cause offense of 2012”, Silverman defines ‘scissoring’ as “traditional lesbian sex” and then goes on to demonstrate the action with a small dog.

Silverman is no stranger to campaigning for Obama in ways which push the boundaries of comic license; her 2008 video The Great Schlep won many plaudits but also ruffled some feathers.

However, the indecent proposal is far more extreme and I doubt it will have the same sort of mainstream appeal.  Despite its comic intention, the tone borders on aggressive.  Voters will question whether a political donor deserves to have such a brutal and overtly sexual attack levied against him.

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