The Coalition of Equal Marriage – Homecoming

The Coalition For Equal Marriage have produced a video to promote changing laws around same sex marriage.

The short film shows British forces returning home to greet their loved ones, with the reunion of one male soldier and his male partner soon turning into a surprise marriage proposal.

The video highlights that people have the right to serve in British military regardless of sexuality, but are not currently able to celebrate their love and commitment with civil marriage.

The video is nicely put together and, whilst it’s on the cheesy side of things, seems to have got a decent amount of traction after only a couple of days.  Supporters are encouraged to use the hashtag #equalmarriage.

1 Comment

  1. @1:10 (all men can be heroes) they could have done some post production (or even proper make-up during filming) – that hand looks terrible.

    Otherwise, I’m surprised they chose to cast the soldier as the man proposing – traditional gender stereotypes at play?

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