Ken Livingstone promises to reverse police cuts

Ken Livingstone has released a new video promising to reverse Boris Johnson’s cuts in police numbers.  Let’s face it, this video is pretty boring.

Making a piece of video that goes viral is hard.  It takes time, energy and more often than not, requires you to spend some money on production (or at least have access to someone who has the requisite kit and skills).

More than anything else, it has to contain a piece of creative magic.  Something which is so compelling, innovative, shocking, hilarious or timely that means you can’t help but forward it on to your network.

This new video by Ken Livingstone’s campaign has none of the above.  It’s a very well-trodden creative vehicle, not particularly well executed.  It’s also WAY too long.  There’s a reason why most TV ads are 30 seconds, any more and they can very easily get tired and boring.

Just because you can make a longer video, doesn’t mean you necessarily should.  Most viral seeding companies (people who you can pay to get your video passed around) reccomend keeping it to under 50 seconds.

When making a video that you hope to spread online the ‘hook’ is the single most important thing and you simply can’t afford to think about your message first.  People can choose what they want to watch online and I my bet is that they won’t want to watch this.

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  1. The admission that ‘the people you have seen are actors, but their stories are similar to those that some Londoners might have experienced, because of the reduced numbers of police, but we haven’t been able to find any real victims of crime who are willing to appear in our video’ also feels pretty limp.

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