Restore Our Future – SuperPac Assassins

The airwaves post-Iowa have been dominated by a political action committee, or SuperPac, called Restore Our Future.  The campaign, which supports Republican front-runner Mitt Romney, ran more than $1.2 million of negative ads in Iowa, mostly aimed at Newt Gingrich.

That’s a lot of advertising, in a short space of time and in a tiny geographic area.

Above is an example of the attack advertising that has been credited for relegating Newt Gingrich to a pathetic 4th place finish in Iowa.

These private pressure groups are not allowed, by law, to coordinate with candidates official campaigns, but after recent regulartory rulings, their ability to run advertising and have an impact on elections has been greatly increased.

Romney’s official campaign ran $852,370 of advertising in Iowa, all of which was postive messaging.  It’s amazing that Restore Our Future and the Official Romney campaign seemed to have such a complementary strategy without being in any sort of cahoots.

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