Was 2010 an online election?

Apex Communications published a report just prior to the general election which researched PPCs in 100 battleground seats to see how prepared they were for the election and how much of an impact social networking was likely to have in these seats.

The report found that few were prepared enough to take full advantage of the medium through the campaign.

· 10% of candidates had no personal website

· 54% of websites had no links to the candidates’ other social networking sites such as Twitter or Facebook

· Less than half of all candidates were on Twitter and most of those have low levels of interactivity

· Only 29% of candidates used a blog

· Candidates with a national profile, including party leaders, dominated online platforms – 62% of all Facebook supporters and fans of candidates come from the top three most popular profile pages

· Local candidates from the three main parties were equally inactive – and independent candidates and smaller parties like the BNP and Respect exploited online techniques more effectively

(Thanks to Carlo for passing on the report and the press release, that I have quite obviously ripped off for this post)

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