Lib Dem Poster – VAT tax bombshell

The Liberal Democrats have ripped off the Conservative Party’s ‘Tax Bombshell’ poster of 1992 and in doing so sunk to all new lows of unoriginality.  It stinks of lazyness, a lack of creativity and an unhealthy fixation with the past.



  1. Given the amount of mainstream media coverage the ‘launch’ of this poster got, I think “laziness” could instead read “maximising media impact whilst minimising resources required”?

  2. The mainstream media are gripped by election fever and will cover almost anything related to it. For example, The Metro this morning quoted a tweet about someone wiping up cat vomit with a Tory leaflet. I’m not saying the Lib Dems should have featured cat vomit in their poster, but at least that would have required an element of originality and creativity!

  3. Yeah, or maybe it’s deliberately taking the piss, you stupid fuck, in which case originality is moot. Are you really that fucking stupid you didn’t think of that?

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