1. Labour are trying to shrug off all this stuff as lighthearted April Fool type japes.

    The class war is a total turn off to all except already committed Lefties. It is unlikely to draw in any floating voters to the cause.

    Portraying GB as a thuggish bully and caricaturing Eric Pickles as a toff(?) is absolutely NOT how Tony Blair won three Elections on the trot. It is a sure sign of how Labour have abandoned the centre ground in an attempt to shore up their more traditional hard-left support.

  2. I agree that this is not the sort of communication that the Labour Party should be pushing out centrally. However, this is created by a group of activists with no official tie to the party. If they want to say that the Tories are a bunch of toffs that aren’t fit to run the country, it’s up to them. I think this sort of thing is aimed at (and effective at) galvanising and energising existing supporters; I doubt that any swing voters in marginal seats will come across this stuff, but that doesn’t mean it has no positive role.

  3. So funny, a bit of fun I loved thinking of all the torys who should be top hatted

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