Lib Dem’s campaign against re-touching

Campaign for real women

The Lib Dems have launched a new campaign against advertising agencies retouching their adverts.  They want the Advertising Standards Authority to insist that adverts carry cigarette-style health warning along the lines of “WARNING: THIS ADVERT FEATURES A RETOUCHED MODEL”.

Commenting, Liberal Democrat MP, Jo Swinson, who chairs the party’s working group on women’s policy, said:

“Adverts that feature heavily retouched images of perfect skin, perfect hair and perfect figures mean that women and girls increasingly feel that nothing less than perfect will do.  Advertisers should be honest and upfront about the extent of airbrushing that goes on.”

Looking at the dodgy, cheap campaign materials that the Lib Dems have put out (see above) I think creative agencies will take a bit more convincing…

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  1. Yeah, well. Where are they all then? These real women? Not down my street. With the Libdem stuff on women and the Tory stuff on gay pride, ’tis definitely the season of trysts and shallow politics, eh?

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