Voicebox by Vinspired

Voicebox vinspired.com

party political broadcasts are so boring

Vinspired, an organisation which tries to get more people volunteering, have launched a new project, called Voicebot.  Voicebot aims to create a direct channel between young people and MPs. 16-25 year olds are being asked to submit 160 characters on what they care about and the best submissions will then be physically written out by a robot inside Parliament in October.

Once you’ve submitted your 160 character message, the robot draws it and then sends you a photo of your actual message.  You can click through to their flickr site where you can view all the other messages that have been uploaded.

Above are screen shots from the website (which is sooooo slick) and the jpeg they sent me of my message.  What a very, very cool and technically ground breaking campaign. 

The next stage of getting MPs to engage in a meaningful way with the messages will, ridiculously, be the more complicated bit…


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