Bottled Water Causes Blindness in Puppies

Bottled water causes blindness in puppies start a lie

The anti-bottled water campaign group Tappening have launched a new campaign called Start a lie.  The integrated campaign features various posters, example above, that propose bombastic lies about negative effects of bottled water and direct people to a campaign microsite.  The design of the posters are very stylish and certainly eye catching whilst the headlines are so bizarre that they cut-through.

At users can upload on to a message board their own lie about bottled water industry.  The campaign group believe the bottled water industry advertise lies about their product – Evian’s new Live Young campaign is slightly hyperbolic… – so why can’t the general public write lies about the bottled water industry?

The campaign is really slickly designed, has very high quality production values and the ‘lie’ positioning is an interesting and quirky new line of attack for this issue.

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