Party political broadcasts: Stilted, patronising and hopelessly old-fashioned

party political broadcast 1

I just read a fantastic article by media guru Peter Bazalgette about the need to abolish party political broadcasts.  I couldn’t agree with him with more.  He highlights their extreme unpopularity by quoting figures from the confidential ‘appreciation index’, which measures how much people enjoy a programme – rather than how many watch it.

The most recent round of party political broadcasts have been broadly lamentable.  They can all be tarred with being low budget, lacking in interest, entertainment free and overly long.  Why do we inflict these broadcasts on the nation?

The way in which political parties communicate with the electorate badly need to change and should be part of a route and branch review of how we fund politics in this country.  The recent MPs expenses turmoil, ‘cash for honours’, a lack of quality candidates standing for election and these terrible, terrible party political broadcasts (amongst many other things) all lead back to the thorny issue of how we fund our democracy.

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