The economic case for law changes on political advertising

Individuals and organisations have spent just over $270 million on political issue advertising in North America since Obama’s inauguration.  Experts predict that $1 billion could be spent in the USA on political advertising before the end of the year. 


Evan Tracey of Campaign Media Analysis Group reckons it’s all down to dough:


“If you look at what’s on the table — everything from how to unionize to how we’re going to get our energy to how we’re going to get health care to how big the government’s going to be and what role the government’s going to play — you have some interests with very big pockets that have an awful lot at stake”


Regardless of what’s causing it, political advertising contributes significantly to the American economy.  Not to keep whingeing about media laws in the UK, but advertising and media industries (which benefit the rest of the economy) could really do with getting a substantial extra revenue stream.  The moral argument has been clearly made for changing political advertising laws in the UK, perhaps it’s time for the economic one to be made too.

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