A Manifesto In Every Corner of Europe

The Party of European Socialism has launched its Europe-wide election campaign.  One element of the campaign comprises of a photo competition that challenges supporters to take photos of themselves with ‘the manifesto cube’ (downloadable in every EU language from the campaign website) in front of a local landmark or with a local personality.

Here are some UK entries to the competition:

PES Cube


PES Cube Jim Fitzpatrick MP

It’s a really fun, innovative and engaging way to launch a manifesto that enables supporters in a pan-European campaign to localise and personalise the campaign. 

This is a brilliant social media campaign.  By supporters sharing photos on their blog / facebook friends and potential supporters will see it, as well as other supporters who they have never met and live far away across borders; this creates a feeling of a united, international movement that will inspire activists to do more and potential supporters to join in.

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