The Age of Stupid Premier

not stupid

I just attended The Age of Stupid premier at Shepherds Bush Vue.  There was, as promised, a satellite link up to Leicester Square, a few speakers before and after the film and a general spirit of activism (mixed in with a fair dosage of depression) from the audience.

The event was unashamedly political, featuring the film’s Director apologising on behalf of London to Ken Livingston for electing Boris Johnson before hounding Ed Miliband and declaring a campaign objective to oust the Labour Government if a new coal fired power station is allowed to go ahead in Kent.

It’s definitely worth seeing and has created / joined a campaign that will doubtless be featured on these pages regularly in the run up to the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen in December 2009.


  1. B, nice to meet you last week dude. Wished you’d mentioned you were going to this – my girlfriend was responsible for putting on the event. Could have got you some back stage tickets, 5 mins with spokespeople etc. Glad you liked the film and event though, it’s pretty powerful stuff.

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