ANC Political Advert

South Africa holds general elections this year on April 22nd.  This will be the first election where political advertising has been allowed on TV in South Africa and this is the ANC’s (and South Africa’s) first political advert – produced by Ogilvy Johannesburg.

The music score is absolutely emphatic, the tone of the protagonist is pitched perfectly and the colours and the lighting  used in the production are absolutely fantastic.  The message of “we’ve done so much, but we can do more” is one (of very few) that governing parties use time and again – but it is very difficult to get right.  Ogilvy have got it right for the ANC here.

It is particularly impressive that the ANC have been in power for 15 years but are still coming out with positive, aspirational communication.  There are 3 more in the series and I’ll try and get them all up here over the course of the election.

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