Plumbing and Politics

obama and plumberNo, you’re eyes don’t decieve you.  This is the most tenuous bastardisation of Obama’s campaign yet.  The advertisement for plumbing, guttering and decay repair (amongst others) came through my front door this morning.  It is particularly amusing given the deployment of ‘Joe the Plumber’ by John McCain as an example of how Obama’s economic policies would be to the detriment of small business.

David Cameron has aluded to the tedium of the every political party, business, man and his dog trying to learn the lessons of Obama’s success.  That having been said, on Thursday night I went to a really good event featuring Matthew McGregor (of Blue State Digital) and Tom Miller on the very subject of learning online lessons from across the pond, hosted by Compass.

They rightly highlighted that a central aim of political communication via the internet is to provoke an action from the reciever.  Be it to donate money, time or simply to pass it on to a friend.  The concept of advertising  – political or not – being an active process is not a new one.  But few organisations have genuinely internalised the fact that the internet enables immediate reaction and that therefore a siginificant part of any online message should be prompting such an instant response.

If you’ve reached this post via a search engine and are looking for a West London handyman, I’d hate for your first visit to be a disappointment:

West London Handyman, political chit-chat not included.
West London Handyman, political chit-chat not included.

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