Ready to Bank your Savings

Go Fourth’s campaign to get RBS to give up their bonuses has really got up a head of steam, with over 8000 people signing an online petition in a few days.

They’re not helped by the fact that their campaign has no arresting visual material, online or offline.  However I like the fact that they obviously decided this was a great campaign to run and didn’t hang around talking about or making it perfect, they just shoved it out there.

In political advertising the idea is everything,  the execution – provided it’s not so shabby it’s painful to engage with – is very much secondary.

UPDATE:  They’ve got a logo! The use of the ‘£’ to insight negative connotational cues is slightly misguided as, after all, RBS are a bank and ‘£’ are their business.  But it’s a logo nonetheless and it will help the virility of the campaign.

give up the bonus

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