The dominance of the irrational

Political campaign guru Evan Tracey has compiled a playlist of videos and analysis from throughout the Obama vs McCain campaign that is well worth a look at.

The above video came from Tracey’s playlist and is an example of the sort of emotive advertising, that I mentioned earlier in the week, was badly needed in UK political communication. Brian Donahue just a wrote a very interesting piece on political advertising and emotion that is definitely worth checking out if you’re interested in this stuff, the crux of this thoughts are that:

“Emotional appeals almost always trump rational appeals when attempting to gain political support or create negative views about an opponent. Voters are more apt to create positive or negative feelings about an issue or candidate through emotions and sentiments rather than rational or logical arguments”

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  1. Benedict – I appreciate your comments and your reference to my blog. Academics and the media tend to only weigh the value of political advertising by sheer shock value or ad spending dollars behind it. Rarely, do they examine the emotion capturing elements and techniques used to persuade audiences.

    Your blog is an equally interesting study of political advertising. I always appreciate getting a non-American’s perspective on our political activities and media. As such, I will provide a link to your blog on my homepage.

    I encourage you to keep reading and commenting.

    Thanks again!

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