David Miliband’s Leadership Video

David Miliband has released a video to try and woo the Labour Party membership to support his campaign.  He makes education the focus of the video and manages to strike the balance between intellect and ‘man-of-the-people’ perfectly.

The sound bite “we are all equal on polling day” and pointing out the party will have to come back together once the leadership battle is over, were both highlights for me; the name-checking of Obama and the Kennedy ‘drop a pebble in a pond’ quotation were lows.

I imagine his detractors would have felt that the musical score and ‘looking to the horizon’ end frame was over-the-top, but for the less cynical it would have probably achieved the emotional connection that was desired.

Ed’s Pledge – Miliband to save the world?

Miliiband saves the world?
Miliband saves the world?

I just can’t believe how self-indulgent and transparent Miliband and his supporters in Labour HQ are being with their latest campaign.  The Labour Party have sent party members an email asking them to sign up to and invite their friends to join ‘Ed’s Pledge’.  Ed’s pledge is as follows:

I’ll be pushing for clear action to get a global climate deal that’s ambitious, effective and fair. This means ambitious cuts in greenhouse gas emissions, keeping countries to their word and supporting poorer countries in adapting to climate change. “

What are people signing up for?  Ed Miliband to keep his word? The whole thing stinks of shameless self-promotion.

Not only have they chosen to launch a climate change campaign on the same morning as New Earth Deal, they have also decided to try and position Miliband as the champion of the grass-roots Copenhagen campaign.  This ‘campaign’ is nothing but a shameless attempt to profile Ed Miliband and will piss off a load of people who have been building towards Copenhagen for months.