You won’t be laughing if they win

Cameron Osborne John Edward Jedward

The Labour Party have released a fantastic new piece of attack advertising.

David Cameron announced earlier this week that John and Edward are his favourites to win X-Factor.  The Labour Party have lept on this and labelled Cameron and Osborne ‘the Jedward of politics’ – hilarious to watch, but all spin and no substance.

Tying Cameron and Osborne to the love-to-hate X-Factor duo is a very clever piece of populist political communication.  The headline ‘you won’t be laughing if they win’ is inspired and, like every good piece of attack advertising, it taps into a worry which many people (subconsciously or otherwise) already have.

This is the first piece of Labour Party advertising I’ve seen in recent times that has the genuine potential to go viral.  Top marks.