Bailey’s London Mayor Bake-Off

It’s not easy to get attention when you’re a challenger candidate, behind in the polls, in a sub-national election that has been rescheduled and is in the shadow of much bigger political events.

Shaun Bailey has tried to capture the minds of Londoners by creating a light-hearted homage to a very popular TV show: the Great British Bake-Off.

The candidate trailed the video in the build-up to the weekly baking programme and used the hashtag from the programme to help get the word out to fans of the show .

Bailey then posted the video shortly before the bakers went on air.

It would have been very easy to make this incredibly cringeworthy and deeply unfunny. But they’ve managed to pull it off.

It’s well produced, amusingly written, has good acting and is contextually relevant, which means there’s enough to carry the viewer through.

And it lands enough political punches that any baking-loving floating voters watching it will likely feel better about the Conservative candidate than they did prior to seeing it.

This video was a risk for the candidate, but he needs to take them in order to get on the public’s agenda and this one has paid off.

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