The worst deal in history

The two groups at either extreme of the debate on Brexit can agree on one thing: they both think Theresa May’s deal is a terrible one.

Leave Means Leave and People’s Vote have both released campaigns this week which are uncannily similar; both use the language and iconography of retail discounts as creative vehicles to make their feelings on the deal known.

Leave Means Leave “worst deal in history” poster campaign

People’s Vote “worst deal ever” campaign

As well as running posters, People’s Vote opened a Brexit-themed newsagent to highlight inflation caused by uncertainty over the UK’s negotiations with the European Union.

The shop, called Costupper sells “the worst deals in Europe”, some of which are featured here:


  1. The Establishment are in full cry. They must have a factory where they make up all the lies
    and produce project fear. I will never forgive any of them if they get to cheat the 17.4 million
    and would be prepared shut them down in a peaceful way non payment of taxes etc,but it needs
    to be done en masse like the French.

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