Is Britain changing its mind on Brexit?

Anti-Brexit group Best for Britain have released a new advertising campaign that tries to build belief in the idea that the UK’s withdrawal from the EU can be stopped.

The campaign uses polling data to try and convince those who voted Remain – but now see it as a lost cause – that the fight isn’t over.

The strategy is a good one. If people don’t believe a cause has any chance of success then they are unlikely to invest money, social capital or emotion into it.

The execution leaves me a little cold. The big red STOP button is not the most inspiring creative device.

In addition, I’m not sure why they’ve gone with #finalsay when it seems that #peoplesvote seems to have some equity and momentum behind it.

But it’s impressive that they’ve raised money, made video content and run some online and print advertisements.

Best for Britain are not the only organisation who believe the matter of Brexit isn’t settled.

Leave Means Leave, the pro-Brexit campaign group, have also released a new video this week and seem to be getting their organisation ready for a final showdown in advance of March 2019.

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