Netanyahu: The Bibi Sitter

Benjamin Netanyahu has appeared in a very amusing political advert in advance of Israel’s General Election in March.

The video features a young couple that is about to leave for a night out when the baby-sitter knocks at the door: Benjamin Netanyahu.

Netanyahu playful responds to the quizzical looks of the couple, saying: “You asked for a babysitter? You got a Bibi-sitter”

Look, it’s either me or Tzipi and Buji (opposition leaders)” he explains. The couple immediately reply that their children would need to babysit Herzog, and not the other way around.

At the conclusion of the spot the couple return and greet Bibi in a traditional manner “Shalom” (Peace).

“Not unconditionally…” Netanyahu quips.

It’s great to see Netanyahu’s campaign having some fun with their campaign.  Political parties too often produce very dry, uncontroversial video content and yet still expect their supporters to pass it around to their ‘non-political’ friends, which needless to say, rarely happens.  This is the sort of video that will delight supporters and will find its way on to the mobile phones, computers and TV screens of floating voters.

It’s not without its risks, but nor is anything genuinely worth doing.

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