German Green Party ad: The common snail

Here’s a very funny (and angry) ad for the Green Party that is currently running in Germany in advance of their general election that takes places in less than a month.

It features a fake naturalist discussing the common snail and intersperses the film with footage of the ruling CDU/FDP government lazing around parliament and generally looking foolish.

Here’s a short excerpt of the voice over:

As they linger in their natural resting place we can see that, due to their lack of spines, they do not orient themselves with an inner compass but just point their feelers whichever way the wind is blowing.

There’s a lot of care and attention to detail that has gone into the production.  The set of the naturalist’s office is well-crafted and the character gives a great performance.  The black and white imagery of the government contrasts brilliantly with the dull muted tones of the office and helps create a good sense of urgency and distress in the attack ad.

There’s a good round up of campaign advertising currently on air in Germany available on this post on the FT (thanks to @chchristiaens for sending).

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