PETA: Stay firm and fresh

In honour of World Vegan Month, Fallon London have created a piece of film for controversial animal rights group PETA.

The ad, which dramatises the supposed sexual benefits of going vegan, show men with phallic vegetables attached to their groinal region dancing to house music and gyrating their hips.

There’s more than a nod to Benny Benassi’s ‘Satisfaction’ music video in this ad… indeed they’ve seemingly just replaced the sexy, scantily glad females handling power tools with a selection of slightly seedy looking hipster-types (that are usually found populating Shoreditch-based ad agencies) in kitsch settings.

Nevertheless, the film should be applauded as it was doubtless done on a shoestring budget and it has generated a huge amount of views and interest in the campaign group.

PETA are no doubt absolutely delighted with once again managing to cause a bit of a stir and generating some publicity.

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