Powerful film calls for end to discrimination against gays

This is one of the more moving political videos that I have ever seen.  The film uses existing documentary footage to make an incredibly emotive call for gay rights in the USA.

Gay marriage is back in the news agenda on account of the fact that, since 2006, South Carolina (who’s Republican primary election takes place this Saturday) law has explicitly stipulated that marriage must be between a man and a woman only.

Every single Republican candidate (that stands a chance of winning), including frontrunner Mitt Romney, is strongly in favour of ‘traditional family values’ and opposes significant elements of the gay rights agenda.  Rick Perry even ran a campaign TV ad openly criticising the right for gays to join the military.

The film has already had a huge amount of traction online.  It would be ironic if the Republican Party primary election was the event that sparked a new civil rights movement in the USA.

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