Cut, cut, cut!

A very well put together video that – whilst the vast majority are complaining about the extremity of the cuts – urges the government to go further.

Wave after wave of well-spoken-intelligent-looking-men explain to you the simple steps needed to get Britain back on the front foot – cut, cut, cut.  Every time you even think about saying “hang on a minute, what about…” another deeply serious spectacled professor is thrust to the fore and makes you feel like a total cretin.

The video uses the oldest of all advertising tricks: ruthless reductionism.  If you’re trying to sell a pack of crisps you could talk about the flavour, the crunch, the freshness, the size of the bag, the cheap price, the high quality, the names of famous people who eat them or the negative aspects of other crisp manufacturers.  But you don’t.  Because if you throw someone 5 balls they won’t catch any.

So this video, rightly, doesnt even try and deal with the myriad of factors that impact on the economy.  It has a single agenda which it seeks to promote above all others – tax reduction.

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