They work for us now

This is the best political advert from the Senate elections currently taking place in the USA.

It’s set in 2030 and features a Chinese lecturer teaching his students about why great nations fail; the underlying message is that Democrat spending plans will make the USA a slave to China in the very near future.

The production values are incredibly high, the narrative is clear and concise and the message brings to life a fear that will be prevalent amongst a huge number of swing voters.




  1. Plashing vole
    You expect political adverts to be accurate? Ha! Liberals are just as awful
    Facts? Would it not be nice if that was a requirement?
    Nothing racist here except in your mind so…
    It is compelling advert however.
    China now has fastest supercomputer in the world and fastest train. All announced this week. Good for them. The world needs competition.

  2. Agreed that all politics ads are deceptive, whichever side they take.
    I think it is racist: why focus solely on Chinese ownership of US debt? It’s distributed around the world – much of it is held by American financial institutions who are behaving in a similarly destructive fashion. It’s part of a longstanding xenophobic discourse.

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