About my vote

The Electoral Commission have released this new spot entitled ‘Silent Generation’.  It’s beautifully shot, the production values are high and the sound effects are impactful.

However, it’s an incredibly literal execution of a brief which would have been along the lines of “we need to make young people aware that if they don’t register to vote they won’t have say over their future”.  Sticking a young person as the lead role doesn’t mean that suddenly everyone under 25 is going to sit up and take notice when it comes on the box.

This audience are viciously cynical and adept at avoiding or blocking out advertising messages.  You need to be brutally original and provocative in both your creative and your media planning in order to stand a chance of cutting through.  If I were briefed to change the behaviour of young people who are not on the electoral register, I certainly wouldn’t come back with a script for a relatively placid 30 second TV spot.

Check out some of the recent work for the Metropolitan Police, for a highly effective, cost efficient and extremely innovative piece of creative work which goes after a similar demographic.

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