Open Up

‘Open Up’ is a new campaign that’s demanding that open primaries take place in every constituency in the country in advance of the next general election – fairly ambitious stuff given that it’s demanding a bunch of turkies vote for their own deselection. 

The website is slick and the integration of social media channels is seamless, but the video content isn’t quite of the quality that will help make the campaign viral.  The above clip ‘Are you a duck?’ tries to a poke some fun at and stir up some irritation about MP’s expenses in order to drive engagment and interest in the campaign.  The concept of ‘tales from the duck house’ is amusing but dubbing a voice over a duck isn’t of the hilarity that justifies the 1 minute and 40 second length and follow-up episode.

The campaign seems to be building momentum but doesn’t yet seem to have ‘tipped’.  However, everything seems to be in place to capitalise from either a new bout of Westminster scandals and / or the production of a genuninely interesting, viral piece of content.

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