The Economist: Where do you stand? (June 2013)

The Economist has released the latest instalment of their popular ‘Where do you stand?’ poster campaign.

One poster questions whether government investment is best directed at the old or at the young in society.  A second looks at whether booming Chinese investment in Africa is good or bad for the lives of ordinary Africans.  And a third asks whether Germany’s de-facto leadership of the EU is sinking or saving it.

(NB. I am involved in this campaign, any comments will be met with extreme hypersensitivity).

Economist where do you stand government should spend more on the old bank note economist poster where do you stand government should spend more on the young bank note


Booming chinese investment in africa is bad for africans Booming chinese investment in africa is good for africans


Economist where do you stand advert germany is sinking europe merkel devil Economist where do you stand advert germany saving europe merkel angel

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5 thoughts on “The Economist: Where do you stand? (June 2013)

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